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The Bachelor 2x4

Week Four (S2)

The ladies sit down with Chris and are told that a personality they took during the application process for the show was actually a compatibility test, to see who is most compatible with Aaron. The three women who are the most compatible will get individual dates with Aaron, and the other three will share him on a group date.

First Individual Date: Heather Spa Evening in Santa Barbara

The other ladies are surprised when Heather gets the first date box, as they don’t see Aaron and Heather together. Aaron expects that she will be very forward and try to kiss him, based on what she said in the previous night’s video diary. They take a helicopter up to Santa Barbara, and Heather is smitten by Aaron — she says that she finally knows what love means. As they get massages, Heather says she is feeling an incredible attraction between them, and she can see Aaron as the man in her life. Meanwhile, Aaron describes the date as “”just fun.”” They take a hot tub and then go swimming together, where

The Bachelor: 2×4
Oct. 23, 2002

The Bachelor season 2