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Still Standing 1x13

Still Good Cop

Judy is tired of always playing bad cop and having Bill undermine her authority to the kids, so she decides to take a day off and let all hell break loose under Bill’s supervision. When she realizes that Bill is actually capable to handle their kids and just isn’t willing to do so, Judy decides to play good cop for good. Bill refuses to be the bad cop, because he’s been the good cop since he was born. Both stubborn, they decide to stick to their roles until the first one caves in. Tina decides to get her bellybutton pierced and they agree on it. Brian wants to drive and Judy lets him. But later on she finds out Bill set her up and they both come back to their senses and put the house back together – but not right away. Let Brian be the bad cop for a while.

Still Standing: 1×13
Jan. 27, 2003

Still Standing season 1