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Shark Tank 4x2

September 21, 2012

When a man from Austin, TX pitches a so-called “cheaters app” — which allows selected contacts to be hidden from view when calls come in — the Sharks question and debate the morality of investing in an app that could be used to make it easier for people in relationships to cheat. Also, two business partners from Bedford, NH have top-ranked champion surfer Lakey Peterson demonstrate to the Sharks how their surf-inspired exercise equipment works; a dapper man from Acworth, GA pitches a personal style system that will help the Average Joe look and feel like an alpha male; and two women from Omaha, NE hope to make a sweet deal where customers can design their own personalized ice cream and gelato flavors. In addition, there will be an update on the recent success of Tower Paddle Boards, a business Mark Cuban invested in with Stephan Aarstol from San Diego, CA.

Shark Tank: 4×2
Sep. 21, 2012

Shark Tank season 4