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Junior MasterChef Australia 2x2

Top 50 - Round 2

The second heat of Junior MasterChef’s Top 50 was revealed to be a healthy fast food challenge, with the contestants having 80 minutes to serve up guilt-free goodies. Providing them with their ingredients was Matt Moran, serving from behind the counter in Junior MasterChef’s version of a fast food palace. Once again the kids cooked out of their skins, but it was Alysha, Jade, Marcus and Miraede that got their eager hands on precious Top 20 aprons. To introduce heat 3 an ice-cream van rolled into the warehouse carrying none other than Gary, who informed the contestants that they would be making ice-cream based desserts, with 80 minutes cooking time. Sweet treats galore followed as the kids cooked with maturity well beyond their years, as Caroline, Chandler, Dee and Indigo became the next crop of cheflings to make the Top 20 phase of the competition.

Sep. 26, 2011

Junior MasterChef Australia season 2