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Junior MasterChef Australia 2x18

Perfect Pavlova

The judges explained that after the next challenge the top four contestants on the leader board would be safe, while the bottom four would go into a Pressure Test to stay in the game. The contestants had 80 minutes to create the ‘Perfect Pavlova’, producing results likely to satisfy even the biggest dessert lover. Indigo scored two points for third place, Greta took second and with a dish the judges simply couldn’t get enough of and Harry placed first. His six point haul unfortunately wasn’t enough to keep him out of the Pressure Test, joined by Alysha, Chandler and Lily. Guillame Brahimi was then welcomed to present a dish for the cheflings to create – a spectacular looking turban of scampi with spaghettini and caviar sauce. Despite the complexity of the recipe the kids took to the task admirably, but it was Harry and Alysha whose dishes were judged to be superior, leaving an emotional Chandler and Lily to say their goodbyes.

Nov. 20, 2011

Junior MasterChef Australia season 2