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Chrome Shelled Regios 1x3

Electric Spirit Zuellni

In Grendan, Leerin is writing a letter to Layfon when she meets a woman name Synola Leisler who notices through Leerin eyes, a vision of a creature and young blacked hair girl. Unknown to Leerin, Synola is actually Queen Alsheyra, with one of the Heavens Blades disguising as her while she’s out. Meanwhile in Zuellni, Karian secretly visit Layfon and comments about his platoons victory, him being a member of the Heavens Blade, the 12 elite warriors of Grendan and wonders why he still working at machinery even though he now has a larger scholarship fund. Layfon responds he doesn’t want the president’s “bribe” and he’s not the person the presidents thinks he is. At the machinery section, Layfon meets with Nina and he explains the reason he held back his powers as he wanted to live a different path that didn’t involve fighting due to a mistake he made in the past. Suddenly, a group of hunters have capture Zuellni, the City’s Electric Fairy where Nina chase after them but with the help of a mysterious stranger who sends all of them into another dimensions, they defeat the hunters but not before the stranger put Nina to sleep using kei.

As Nina recuperates, Harley tells Layfon an incident in Nina’s childhood that made her seek power when her life was saved by the sacrifice of her home’s Electric Fairy. As Layfon heads home, he meets Mifi, Naruki, Mei-Shen and latter Felli who forgives him at what happen at the inter-platoon match in exchange that for now on, he must call her Felli and she calls him Fon Fon. As Felli uses her pyschokinesist powers, she detects a large dragon Limbeekoon in the distance. In a flashback based on the Legend of Regios novel (which the entire dialogue is spoken in English) , a man saves a girl name Sae (the girl in Alsheyra vision) as they try to escape a complex.

Chrome Shelled Regios: 1×3
Jan. 24, 2009

Chrome Shelled Regios season 1