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Chrome Shelled Regios 1x21

Kidnapped Felli

Haia and Layfon begin their battle and Layfon gains the upper hand until Haia unleashes his fearsome attack and turns the tables. Felli manages to get out of the prison and witnesses the battle between Layfon and Haia. Layfon is injured from Haia’s attacks but manages to defeat him. Back at the city Zuellni, Nina and the rest are ready to face their opponents, Myath, but for some reason Myath changes its course and turns back. Many are shocked at this including Kallian. This sudden movement, however, turns out to be due to the Lance Shelled City Glendan approaching Zuellni, and the remaining 9 Heavens Blade Wielders finally appear.

Chrome Shelled Regios: 1×21
May. 31, 2009

Chrome Shelled Regios season 1