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Chrome Shelled Regios 1x13

Feelings Hiding in the Barrel of a Gun

Starting from Episode 12, the Queen of Glendan indicates that it is not impossible for Layfon to come back to Glendan, but it is rather Layfon’s decision if he wants to come back. The Queen also indicates that Leerin’s father’s senior apprentice has died, and she seems to give him back a dite. Back at Gorneo’s room, Haia and Myunfa are introducing themselves to Shante and Gorneo and Gorneo questions their true intentions. Haia actually just actually wants information from Gorneo about the Fallen One. Later, Harley and Layfon are seen replacing Layfon’s broken adamandite sword. Harley says it will be easier for him just to make a new one, and tells Layfon to try out a Katana due to his fighting style. However, Layfon says he can’t use it for reasons we don’t know yet. Nina asks Layfon what’s wrong with him, but then Naruki comes in and asks for Nina’s and Layfon’s help to find out more about the Overload smugglers and users. Layfon tells Felli they won’t be having practices for a while, and thus she leaves and meets Haia, Myunfa, and her brother Kallian at the train station. In the next scene, Layfon, Nina, and Naruki are observing the 10th platoon (Dinn Dee’s platoon) and Naruki tells them that they are the Overload users. After Dinn’s practice with his platoon, he and Siena are seen leaving. Nina confronts Dinn face to face and tells him to stop using the Overload. Dinn says it is impossible due to the fact that he wants to become stronger. Later Nina tells the story of how Sharnid became part of her 17th platoon. Layfon, Nina, and Sharnid all go to Kallian and ask him for information regarding Dinn. Kallian comes up with a plan to disband the 10th platoon, and tells them that Layfon needs to work with Haia to stop Dinn. We are also told that since Layfon was taught the Psyharden Fighting Style, he could easily accomplish the task if he used a Katana instead of his adamandite sword. At the end of the episode, just before the Inter-Platoon match, Sharnid is seen dressed up in his old 10th platoon’s uniform, asking a favor from the group.

Chrome Shelled Regios: 1×13
Apr. 04, 2009

Chrome Shelled Regios season 1