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Bomberman Jetters 2x4

Curry and the Prince

When a strange man who looks exactly like Bongo comes to Shout’s shop looking for curry, he asks Bongo to come back to Dodonpa Planet because they are having the biggest crisis since its existence. Bongo’s dad Kingo has a sharp object stuck in his throat! So, the Jetterz have to go find an oasis in the Rekoreko desert with the fruit of a unique cough drop tree to get the object out of King Kingo’s throat. But, there are a few problems. To get to the oasis, the Jetterz must past Sandstorm Hill, and find this wandering oasis. The Jetterz set out to find the unique item, but run into the Higehige-dan on the way. Can the Jetterz get past the Higehige-dan and save Dondonpa Planet?

Apr. 23, 2003

Bomberman Jetters season 2