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Bomberman Jetters 2x1

Handy Gangu!

When Dr. Iein calls the Jetterz over to his birthday party, Gangu wonders about when his birthday is. Since nobody knows, White Bomber asks who Gangu’s creator is, and Dr. Iein says it was him. So, Dr. Iein tells the story of how Gangu was created to everyone but Birdy, who left. It turns out that Bagura had a robot named “”Labrador X””, who stole all the unique items in the universe. So, Dr. Iein tried to stop him, but never could because Bagura had a giant robot. Dr. Iein’s assistant, Grandma Bomber, inspired Iein to make a robot, but he had no money at the bank, so he had to give up. When he tells Grandma Bomber, she gets mad and starts throwing bombs at him, until he says he understands, and will make a robot. That robot turns out to Gangu! Gangu kept on stopping the enemy robot, and in the process, love blossomed between the two. But when Bagura realizes it, he makes Labrador X defeat Gangu. So what will happen between the two lovers?

Apr. 02, 2003

Bomberman Jetters season 2