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Bomberman Jetters 1x3

Formidable Enemy! Combined Bomberman

This time, the Higehige-Dan are aiming for the “”Beckoning Cat of Happiness””, the treasure of Bajira, a millionaire who lives on Sorabakka Planet. When the Jetterz arrive, they see that the Higehige-Dan got caught in one of the traps that White Bomber set up. But, Dr. Mechadoc reveals his new invention; “”The Bomberman Making Machine””. The new machine makes “”Bat Bomber””, which is made of a bat and the Beckoning Cat of Happiness. Will White Bomber and the Jetterz be able to defeat the new Bomberman Making Machine, which created the Bat Bomber and get Bajira’s treasure back??

Oct. 16, 2002

Bomberman Jetters season 1